Member Application

For your convenience you can view or print the membership application by following the link below.

Membership Application

Application Mailing Address:
P.O. BOX 501
Narberth, PA 19072

For Information Call: 610.664.5504


PSCA Objectives:

To maintain a close and positive relationship with all other law enforcement agencies and the Unified Judicial System.

Establish and maintain an organization of elected and appointed constables to present a strong, united and professional approach to all matters of concern to the constable.

To upgrade the quality and performance of the constable through education and training programs.

To use our best efforts urging the constable to become actively involved in civic and community organizations and activities.

To develop a full program of benefits in health and accident, disability, life insurance and other benefits to the constables and their families.

To protect and upgrade the legislated duties and responsibilities of constables and to maintain a vigilance in protecting the security and stature of the constable.

Membership Benefits:

  • Newsletter with cases and law for the constable.
  • Regular legislative updates.
  • Uniforms and accessories at reasonable rates.
  • Assistance in training and the development of county education programs.
  • An insurance counselor for obtaining surety bonds and other forms of insurance at reasonable rates.
  • Input for the improvement and preservation of the constable system through a recognized association.
  • The benefit of assistance from trained, professional constables in all aspects of constable work.
  • Legal assistance on all constable work.