Constable Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

As an elected public servant, sworn to carry out the constitutional responsibilities of the position of Constable, there are specific ethical guideline in which you must abide by.

  • I shall dutifully carry out the duties of my office.
  • I shall, at all times, function without prejudice or regard for an individual’s race, religion or place of birth.
  • I shall never be a part of an attempt to inhibit or evade the law.
  • I shall at all time act in a manner in which understanding and justice is communicated to those with whom I come into contact in my work.
  • I shall conduct my private life unblemished and mindful of others.
  • I shall be courteous and maintain self-restraint, scorn, ridicule and contempt.
  • I shall be a part of the professional organizations designed to protect and upgrade the performance of the Constable.
  • I shall not personally solicit for funds in the performance of my work to enhance any organization.
  • I shall seek every opportunity for such training as will enhance my ability to do a better job.
  • I recognize my badge of authority as a symbol of the public trust and I recognize that as a law enforcement officer, I shall never bring disgrace upon the people, whose faith and confidence elected me as their Constable.
  • I recognize my duty to protect the constitutional rights of all people.
  • I shall strive to adhere to the aforementioned as long as I serve as Constable.
  • I shall never speak with criticism of a fellow Constable except at the appropriate professional forum provided by an appropriate constables’ organization.
  • I shall never knowingly infringe upon the operation of another Constable.
  • I shall never resort to unnecessary force in the performance of my duties.
  • I shall not accept gratuities offered by anyone employing my services.
  • I shall perform my duties expeditiously and promptly, and I shall transmit an immediate report to those whose work I have accepted.


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