The role and function of a PSCA member elected or appointed to a PSCA
Officership is of equal importance to PSCA, its membership and the individual

The functions related to each officership are generally outlined in the PSCA By-
Laws. However, these descriptions are not intended to limit the scope of each officer’s
responsibilities and productivity. Rather, these descriptions are only outlined to help
identify the general areas of responsibilities related to each PSCA office.
Beyond their designated responsibilities, PSCA officers generally serve as
PSCA’s image when dealing with the courts, plaintiffs, defendants’ attorneys, the law
enforcement community, fellow PSCA members, and the public in general. Both the
association and the officer are constantly open for scrutiny at times for the officer’s
actions, attitude, appearance, demeanor and interest in the quality of his daily
performance. Therefore, it becomes important that every PSCA officer understand that
his association responsibilities and performance go far beyond the dictates of the outlined
duties of his office.

PSCA can achieve its growth goals and fulfill its mission if its officers not only
meet their designated responsibilities, but also understand that as association officers they
must set positive examples and encourage volunteer support from fellow members.
Officerships necessitate “going the extra mile” and resenting a mentor-image, which the
membership and the public-at-large expect of leadership in the law enforcement
community, more particularly in PSCA and its member constables.
The outstanding performance of a PSCA Officer is vital to PSCA, his fellow
members, the community at large, and himself.
Total Officer
The Pennsylvania State Constables Association